♛ About Sonnie


我,Sonnie Koenig,一個台灣姑娘,為了追求幸福而遠離故鄉隻身前往德國結婚,現與帥氣的德國郎君在德國討生活 XD





我的興趣非常多元化,從美妝保養、美食享受、旅遊玩耍、購物撒錢、科技產品嘗鮮、書籍閱讀、電影品味、延伸至發白日夢… XP


Hello folks~

I’m Sonnie Koenig, a Taiwanese girl who has left her home country and got married to her only love in Germany.

I currently live in Germany with my German prince charming.

In September 2013, we found out that we are having a baby! 

In June 2014, our baby boy, Lucas, was born!

In May 2016, we found out that we’re becoming a family of FOUR!

In January 2017, our baby girl, Annabelle, was born!

I have millions of interests, such as beauty, fashion, gourmet, travel, shopping, tech gears, reading, movie, day dreaming, and so on.

With that being said, you may see diversified life sharing in my blogs XD


Sonnie XOXO

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