♛ Planner Sticker New Releases & Giveaway 手帳本貼紙新發售&贈禮活動

** 贈禮活動參加方式 GIVEAWAY Instructions **
1. 訂閱我的Youtube頻道 – 請按下我Youtube頻道名稱下的紅色長方形subscribe即可=D
subscribe the channel – click on the red rectangle button under my channel name =D

2, 在這影片下的大拇指處按讚
Like this video – click on the thumb icon under the video

3. 在這影片下留言,任何想說的皆可!(在Youtube網站上喔!)
Leave a comment down below, anything is fine! (On Youtube page)

4. 接著呢~請轉移陣地到我其中一個的專頁按讚,並記得點選追蹤喔!
Then, please go to one of my Facebook pages and like it or both of them, and remember to click on “follow”!

這抽獎活動是國際性的唷!!只要是德國郵政可以寄的到的地方都可以!活動將在四月底截止,我會在五月初公佈得獎者 =D
It’s internationl, as long as Germany post can reach! It will end at the end of April and I will announce the winner in the begging of May =D

Click on this link, you’ll receive $10 off your first purchase of Erin Condren Life Planner. 點這連結訂購Erin Condren Life Planner可以得到10塊美金的折價唷!

Come and visit my ETSY shop! 歡迎光臨我的ETSY店唷!

Get a free shipping order using code “Freeshipping” when you purchase more than €65! It’s international!

♛ Use “sonnie” to get 10% off on http://ohhelloco.com
or Click on the referral link to get $5 off on the first purchase
或 點這連結可在第一次購買時有5塊美金折扣!

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