Giveaway & Hunter Boots Haul 贈禮活動&Hunter靴子戰利品

This is my 2nd INTERNATIONAL Giveaway on YouTube. Please subscribe and like me on Facebook to enter!!!

❥ GIVEAWAY rules are very simple 贈禮活動規則非常簡單:

1. SUBSCRIBE !!! 訂閱!!!
Once I hit 500 subs, I’ll randomly draw the winner from my subs.

2. Like me on Facebook Page 加入我臉書粉絲頁

3. Thumbs up this video 給這個影片一個贊喔!」

Again, it’s INTERNATIONAL, so everybody in the world has a chance to win the prize =D
再強調一次,這是國際的贈禮活動,每個人都有機會贏得唷 =D

♛ The items I bought 我的戰利品:
1. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots Dark Olive
2. Hunter British Flag Design
3. Butlers products

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